Mallorca,that is known worldwide as a tourist destination, is a paradise for mountain lovers. The island is not conceived without its mountains, some of them recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The Government of the Balearic Islands bases tourism promotion on the natural environment, selling it constantly in all international fairs. But at the same time it contradicts itself in many issues: 

1. It contemplates the possibility of charging the access to nature.
2. It applies one of the most restrictive regulations regarding the access.
3. It closes its public roads to hikers and runners, rock climbers, canyonists and speleologists with abusive authorizations.
4. It cuts in infrastructures and equipment in areas destined to leisure in the natural environment.
5. It ignores the European norm where it is known that climbing and canyoning are activities allowed in the mountains of Mallorca. 

For these reasons we have set up a citizen platform with the aim of negotiating with the Balearic Administration the access to our mountains and to change its legislative framework. Our proposals are: 

1. Access the Natural Environment under a permitted, non-authorized, and untaxed framework.
2. Propose a change in the current legislation by an inclusive model for all mountain groups and not exclusive or elitist.
3. Promote an intergenerational education for environmental purposes of protection, conservation and awareness of values towards respect and esteem for the natural environment.
4. Maintain open communication channels between Administration, land owners and users.
5.To pursue, within the natural environment, the conservation and promotion of the enrichment of the historical, cultural and artistic heritage, and of the assets that integrate it, whatever its legal regime and ownership are.
6. Defend recognition as a traditional activity of hiking, climbing and canyoning. 

We are asking for your signature to stand as negotiators before our politicians and demand a realistic environmental regulation adapted to the social use that our mountains deserve.
A cordial greeting and thank you very much for taking the time to read these lines.  

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